We will look after Your Parents’ well being & health in your absence

We today aren't satisfied with just being told “everything’s fine” from our parents.

Shravan is designed to better manage your parents' health with genuine care, specially for who is living away from home. We are here to look after your parents’ well being and provide a home visit specimen services. Shravan can be thought of as a progeny by proxy services. You can feel free and focus on your career with the satisfaction that your parents are being looked after by team of Shravan with the privacy of their own homes.

Your parents could one day be fine and then suddenly the next day need a great amount of care, so the more prepared you are in advance, the less stressful this might be for your whole family. As Indian parents are very lax when it comes to regular medical checkups and staying on top of ailments that affect the elderly. So, Shravan is the solution to this problem. Shravan will provide all these services at your parents’ doorstep at a scheduled time of their choosing. You will also be able to access all the reports and information instantly.

Health Checkup Plans

One Time CheckUp Plan

Weekly Checkup Plan

Monthly Checkup Plan

Quaterly Checkup Plan

Hire Medical Professionals

Hire Medical Professionals

Physiotherapy at Home
Lab Test at Home
Hire Dietitian at Home
Hire Personal Trainer at Home
Hire Yoga Trainer at Home
Medical Attender at Home

Hire Non-Medical Professionals

Hire Non-Medical Professionals

House Keeping

How are you doing visits?

This service will provide one of our employee to your parents. They will spend time with them.


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